Business services

Put simply , we provide services in 3 main areas:

  1. Telecom consultancy & audit
  2. Telecom technology
  3. Telecom support & services

Telecom consultancy & audit

The world of telecom can be daunting. There are so many offers and suppliers, how do you make a choice?

We make things simple for our clients.

E.g. Your manager asks you to upgrade all of the telephone sets, to fix the recurring problem with the local telephone system, to save money with your suppliers…

We know that our clients are very busy and do not have time to dedicate to “side” projects such as telecoms. That is where we come in. We make the process simple and easy. We hold their hands’ from the “word go”.


Telecom technology

Telephone lines & systems

  1. Business telephone lines
  2. Traditional phone systems
  3. IP/VOIP phone systems
  4. Virtual phone numbers
  5. Mobile contracts & data packages
  6. Secure communications solution

Broadband & Internet

  1. Business class ADSL
  2. Wireless solutions
  3. WAN, VPN and site-to-site connections
  4. Mobile broadband
  5. Leased line
  6. Fiber

One stop shop telecom services

  1. Telecom costs reduction
  2. Telecom procurement
  3. Bespoke solutions for companies relocating nationally or internationally
  4. Audio visual & video conferencing
  5. Telephone answering
  6. Cabling

Support & Services

  1. Contract telecom support
  2. Online backups
  3. Cloud backup & disaster recovery
  4. Hosted VOIP
  5. Hosted SaaS
  6. Mobile device management