☎ Newsletter August 2017

Do you offer your workforce mobility and flexibility?

Mobility has become essential for businesses in whatever industry. According to a survey by Deloitte, mobility is in the top 10 priorities for 80% of businesses and in the top 5 for 44% of them. Staying connected everywhere is now of great importance in order to maintain a competitive advantage and for greater productivity.

The majority of companies massively invest for quick and easy communication with their customers, suppliers, and partners. However, they often face the same difficulty; telecoms’ offers are constantly changing. They would often need some guidance from professionals in order to choose the offer that best suits their needs. Frog Telecom can help you with a telecom consultation with our team of experts in order to precisely define your telecom needs. We provide bespoke solutions for companies of all sizes and operating in every industry.

Frog Telecom recognizes the vital role telecoms are playing in today’s business world. Recently, a company director talked about how its business suffered an operating loss of £4,000 when Vodafone cut its business phone line for 4 weeks. This kind of situation could never happen with Frog Telecom as we guarantee to our clients a single point of contact. A dedicated interlocutor ensures personalized support and stays available for a rapid and efficient intervention.

There are multiple reasons explaining why people can be out office during working hours such as business trips, working from home, networking events, professional appointments. Otherwise, some companies are located on multi-sites and employees are geographically far away from each other. Being mobile is great if we can make sure that every employee can be easily reachable. Frog Telecom helps you set up many mobility solutions:

  1. Simple use of multiple devices
  2. An increasing number of employees are using multiple devices to connect themselves and work. Frog Telecom offers unified communication services to provide a common interface regardless of the device you are working on. You can also access your applications from everywhere thanks to our Cloud services.

  3. Ease of reach
  4. In terms of internal communication, it becomes difficult to meet in person all together at the same place and at the same time. To facilitate communication between employees and decision-making, we can provide tools such as virtual meeting, video conferencing, web conferencing and so on. We also enable our clients to keep the same phone number regardless of where they are (Spain, Italy, UK, France… it makes no difference). You can also call any telephone in the world thanks to our VoIP solutions.

  5. Secured communication services
  6. We also recognise the importance of secured communications. Mobile phones are now becoming a device containing as much confidential information as professional desktops. Frog Telecom allows companies to secure all their communications; their data are protected in the event of an incident.

  7. We help you providing a high-quality service to your clients at any time
  8. We offer call forwarding services in order to look more professional to your clients. Calls placed on your fixed numbers are automatically forwarded to your mobile numbers when you are out of office.
    We provide you with the best tools and latest communication technologies to properly work from everywhere. Technological advances will further improve our existing telecoms services. Providers are currently testing the promising 5G technology. This new technology will change the way businesses do work: high definition video calls, connected professional vehicles, real-time translation, ultra-high speed internet access, new opportunities for one- to-one marketing and many other advantages… Businesses who will first use this new technology will benefit from a competitive advantage. Thanks to our extensive network of partners around the world, our clients can be sure to be able using the 5G as soon as it comes to market.

Investing in mobility can provide a significant return on investment.

We are able to provide you with state-of- the-art telecom technologies in order to be as mobile as you need.