Newsletter #November 2017

How a good phone system can increase productivity?

“When you’re evaluating your company’s business phone system, productivity might be one of the key factors . But to be more efficient, you should look closely at your communications technology…”

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Newsletter #October 2017

Is your business as agile as it needs to be?

“In fast-growing companies, agility is a key word. With every new contract, businesses must determine if they need to add resources to deliver quality goods or services on time. Without this kind of agility…”

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“Nathalie Pannequin from Smoutcom & Frederic Royer from Frog Telecom are very pleased to announce the next round of the PLUGD’IN Marketing and Communications Workshop on the 14th of September..”

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Newsletter #September 2017

5 reasons to move to the cloud

“Cloud computing will continue to grow over the next few years. Cloud services and cloud solutions have been constructed to serve the SME.
It will free up IT resources…”

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Newsletter #August 2017

Are you ready for cloud communications ?

“Expectations for cloud communications have been high for several years, and for good reason: Benefits include increased productivity, greater collaboration and lower costs, just to name a few…”

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