We are an international communications expert and we can help you to take an innovative approach to your connections with customers, employees and partners. Your organisation’s success depends on how well you communicate. With people scattered across the world, using different devices to communicate, it’s a challenge to get everyone on the same level.

Frog Telecom has the network and experience to help the clients to build secure, reliable connections using a variety of digital-rich media to improve interactions and increase their ability to be more agile and grow their business.

We provide solutions and communication services to our clients in the UK and in Europe (France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, etc…)

Services for international companies :

  • Unified communications: we connect all the employees, teams and locations with each other—and with partners and customers—for effective and productive conversations (web, voice and video conferencing connections)
  • Advise on projects outside the UK: we work with clients in different countries with projects ranging from VOIP services and video collaboration tools to mobile telecoms
  • Communication and IT outsourcing: we help our clients to take advantage of these new outsourced services to focus on their core business
  • Customer contact solution : We can  set up and manage a contact center for our clients around the world to communicate more effectively and become more agile
  • Personal interactions without all the costs or travel time : Our web, voice and video collaboration tools can help you be more agile and responsive. Your employees and teams can communicate and collaborate inside and outside the organisation, using live voice and video to be more productive. Now they can have virtual face-to-face meetings without the time and travel costs
  • Secure communications solution : we secure voice communications between your mobile and other voice systems. So you can start making secure voice , video and conference calls , including secure messages