About us

Our Values

We bring a full telecoms improvement service to the doorsteps of our clients: providing a personalised face-to face consultation by our professional team. We enable  businesses to improve their levels of performance by removing the complexity around delivering and integrating network, voice and data services. Why are communications important to SMEs? The world around us is constantly changing and accordingly, so is the way that all of us do business. Through improved communication systems, smaller businesses can now compete with their larger counterparts to reach new customers and markets. Telecoms services have become ever more complex, leading to an explosion of new services. By outsourcing their telecom needs with Frog Telecom, companies are able to concentrate on their core business.

Our Market

We have significant experience working with clients of various sizes and industries, e.g Finance, Law ,Medicine, Retail. Given our business community experience ,we have a unique  insight into the challenges faced by our clients on a daily basis. With this knowledge, we  provide comprehensive products and services, tailored to a client’s exact needs. To us, our clients are our partners. After contracts are signed we continue to provide ongoing telecoms support and maintenance to solve the telecoms issues that are  impacting their business. It is our promise that our clients will  have a high return on their telecoms investment. We save them time and therefore money.

Our Beginnings

Having worked in the Telecoms industry for 20 years, in 2014 Frédéric Royer created his own Telecoms consulting agency in London: Frog Telecom. 20 years of experience led him to form and lead a company specialising in telecom services and audit. With this knowledge and unique insight, Frog Telecom knew the challenges that client’s faced on a daily basis , plus the questions to ask to take things forward and reduce client’s telecoms costs.

Present day

With a pre-existing insight, the team is able to find the best solution for its clients, providing comprehensive products and services that are tailored to their individual needs. The team truly appreciates the value of long-lasting client relationships and consequently works to the highest level possible, both consistently and reliably. Currently strong in Europe with offices in both London and Paris, we plan to expand within the next 24 months.


Frederic Royer
Frédéric Royer
CEO and founder